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  The yoUth Dimension

              ACHYUTHA is an initiative by a team of students from IITs, NITs as well as alumni from various engineering colleges, to address and effectively guide college youth. The impressionable minds of today's youth rarely withstand the dual craze of overspending (promoted by the media) and overindulgence (promoted by movies). Controlling the youth by extraneous rules and regulations can only be of little help, but if they are properly educated and edified by addressing their life’s questions, there can be a lasting, beneficial transformation effected through reformation of consciousness.
ACHYUTHA’s unique sessions offer scientific, logical answers to life’s million-dollar questions ranging from the origin of life to the advantages of living a principle-centric life, based on self-control, patience, honesty, truthfulness, respect for authority and meditation to calm the raging mind. Students also acquire valuable life skills like goal-setting, effective listening and concentration, impartial judgement of situations and team player ability, all topped up by a mature holistic view of life.

  ACHYUTHA Activities:

IMPACT - These are introductory sessions in various colleges, on specific topics of contemporary relevance or academic interest.

FREEDOM Interactive Programs - The Academy's FREEDOM programs have been the favorite hit among all its programs. Exclusive sessions are conducted for boys of age group 18 - 30 years. Timings are usually 6 - 8 PM for convenience of students. Participants relish a sumptuous vegetarian dinner after each session. Students get course material, lifetime mentorship and valuable course certificates besides an open invitation to subsequent programs.

WE-FEST! - Happens every Saturday, 7.15 - 8.15 PM at Sri Jagannath Mandir Temple Hall. Discussions, Talk Shows, Edification and vegetarian dinner.

Retreats - ACHYUTHA conducts inspirational retreats on select weekends or holidays. Participants make the best use of the natural setting to listen, learn and relish a day of simple living, high thinking and loving gratitude to the Creator.

For participation in We Fest and other Youth Events, contact

      9944318126        or       8190812730