Sri Renganatha Swamy Temple

  Brief History

             Srirangam is considered to be the foremost among the 108 transcendental abodes of Supreme lord Vishnu. Srirangam is glorified as "Boologa Vaikundam". Lord Renganatha deity was originally worshipped by Lord Brahma in“sathya loga”(brahma loga). King Ikshvaku (S/O Manu), who appeared in the sun dynasty performed great austerity to please lord brahma, Satisfied the penances of King Ikshvaku. Lord Brahma appeared before him and said whatever boon he wants he may ask. king Ikshvaku ask for the deity of lord Renganatha for his worship in ayothya on earth. This is how Lord Renganatha came from “satya loga" to "Boologa" (Earth Planet).

             In "thretha yuga", Lord Rama after annihilating ravana, coronate himself as the king of "ayothya". While biting farewell to vibeshana, Lord Rama presented deity of lord renganatha as a gift to vibeshana.

             Vibhishana with lot of reverence carry the deity of lord renganatha in the "Prana vaakruthi Vimana" of the lord. While proceeding towards srilanka, attracted by the incomparable beauty of tract of land between Cauvery and Kollidam Rivers. Lord Renganatha decided to stay in this place. By the will of Lord renganatha, Vibeshana become tired and place the deity in between these two rivers. After taking rest, vibeshana trying to lift the deity of renganatha, it could not move. Vibeshana prayed, rolled on the ground out of love for the supreme lord.

             At that time chola king "Dharma varma" came over there and console vibhishana. Lord Renganatha appeared in the dream of vibhishana and informed him of his desire to stay at Srirangam. And also told, I will be blessing you from here and need not have any fear. And once in a year you can come here and worship me. Thereafter king dharma varma built small temple for renganatha. In course of time due to flood in Cauvery River, the temple got submerged under earth.

             Some years later king "Killi vallavan", a descendant of king Dharma varma came to the forest for hunting while he was taking rest under a tree, a parrot sitting on the tree informed him of the existence of the lord renganatha temple underneath. Subsequently Lord Renganatha also appeared in the dream and informed of the exact location of the temple and king "killi vallavan" excavated and renovated the temple and the subsequent chola, pandava and vijaya nagar kings, alwars, aacharyas rendered great service to the supreme lord and develop the temple to the present condition.

  Mulavar (Main deity)

Sri renganathan, periya perumal.
Lord renganatha reclining on aadisesha facing towards south (pujanga sayanam).

  Urchavar (Festival deity)

Nam perumal.

  Thaaiyar (Consort of the supreme lord)

Sri renga naachiyar.

  Holy Theerthas

Totally nine theerthas are listed in the puranas, but only "chandira pushkarani" is presented now.

  Sthala viruksham

"Punnai" tree


Prana vaakruthi

There are seven compound walls. They are called "thiru mathil".

Prana vaakruthi

   First Thiru Mathil

          It was built by chola king "Dharma Varma" and it is called "Sathya Loga". This entrance is called as "Thiru Anukkan Thiruvasal". The sanctumsanctorum is located in first enclosure. With the divinely beauty Lord Renganatha is resting in "Sathya Loga". The mandap in front of the sanctumsanctorum is called as "Renga Mandapam" and it is also called "Gayathri Mandap" as there are 24 pillar representing 24 letters of gayathri mantra.

   Second Thiru Mathil

           This is called as "Tapa Loga". And it was built by chola king "Raja Mahendra" and the entrance is called as "Naali kettan vaasal". The idols of king vijaya renga chokkanathar is located here. The kili (Parrot) mandapam in the second thiru mathil was built by "Thiru Mangai Alwar". Thuluga naachiyaar sannathi is also located in the second thiru mathil.

   Third Thiru Mathil

          This is called as "jana logam". The entrance to the third thiru mathi is called "aariya padar vassal". This is also called as kulasekkaran thiruchutru. The gold plates Kodimaram(dwajasthambam) is located in the third thirumathil. This dwajasthambam was constructed by kings of vijayanagara. The ullkodai mandap, paramapada vasal(vaikunda gate), dolothtsava mandap is located in the third mathil.

   Fourth Thiru Mathil

          This is called as "magara logam". It is also called as thiru mangai mannan chuttru. It is considered to be built by thiru mangai alwar. The entrance is called "kaarthigai kopura vaasal". The jigantic karudalwar sannathi is located in this thiru mathil. The sannathi of first three alwars nammalwar, thirumazhisai alwar, thirukachi nambigal are located in fourth thiru mathil. The most beautiful Chandra pushkarani are also located here. And the sannathi of lord dhanvanthri is located here.

   Fifth Thiru Mathil

          This is called "suvar logam". The entrance is called as "nanmugan kottai vasal". It was built by chola king “akalangan”. Sri andal shrine is located in this mathil. Also shrines of chakarath alwar, venugopala Krishna are located. Sri renga vilasa mandap and vasantha mandap of thaayar are located. Metalakiya singar shrine is located here opposite to kanbar mandap. Thousand piller mandap is also present over here. The sannathi of ramanujar is situated in this thiru mathil.

   Sixth Thiru Mathil

          This is called "buvar logam". Also called as thiruvikraman thiru veethi. As lord renganathas divine cart are taken in procession along this street. So, This is called as "utthara vethi" and jiyar madam is located in this thiru mathil.

   Seventh Thiru Mathil

          This is called as "Boologam". It is also called as "raja veethi" or "chithirai thiru veethi". "Padala Krishna shrine" is also located here.

   Glories of sri renganatha swamy:

         Out of 12 alwars 11 alwars glorified lord renganatha.